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  • System Integration

    Ensuring your information is where you can get to it when needed.  In the office through secure connections or in the cloud.  Sorting out your technology and ensuring it is there when you need it is what we do best, leaving you to take care of your business instead of the technology.

  • We make the Web Amazing

    Getting your message across is a mixture of visual appeal along with concise and informative content, then making sure it is seen where your audience if looking.

Web and UX Design

Building your business together.

Building quality websites through positive user experience can transform the quality of your products, the happiness of your customers and the success of your business. Our mission is to advance the field of user experience design, one exceptional product at a time.

Linux Administration

Management and Security Consultant

Technical support and consultancy in a range of Linux and UNIX related areas; either in the form of hands-on programming, administration, security auditing and monitoring or simply advice.

Let us focus on what we do best leaving you focus on your core business.

Internet Communication

The Complete Social Media Solution.

Dedicated to helping businesses develop and grow an online presence through social media. As a social media consulting business, we know how to help you brand your business. Allow us to take this one step further by maintaining an active role in driving your campaign on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Who we are

We are a Technology based company in Auckland, New Zealand with specialists’ skills around Internet Technologies. For the last 12 years, we have had a strong focus on managing businesses Internet connectivity, communication applications, security provisions and data management, either locally or in the cloud. We make sure your business communications infrastructure is secure and available when needed.

Through our specialist knowledge of Social Media, we are able to help you put into place and manage your Social Media strategies. A website is only a small part of any marketing endeavour today; we help get traffic to your website.


With that background it is almost superfluous to say that John is enthusiastic, competent, entrepreneurial, astute and forward-thinking. He is also helpful, honest and cheerful.”.

M. Newbery